Your overall health and your desire to improve the quality of life are much more important things to look at than your age. Patients from 18 to 80+ can be candidates for dental implants, and can achieve excellent cosmetic and functional results that last for years. If a patient is in good overall health and wishes to improve their quality of live and self confidence, then dental implants are a viable option.

We currently see and treat patients of all ages. The type of mouth trauma or deterioration patients have experienced is not always an indication of age.

For frail, elderly patients with complicating neuromuscular or psychological disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease, depression or impaired cognitive status, a mental and emotional evaluation may be needed to supplement the evaluation of the patient’s bone volume and tissue condition.

Prosthodontists, like Dr. Luis Perez are trained in treatment planning and treatment deliver for these patients, so you can know that their assessment, treatment and post-operative care is in good and very experienced hands.