When properly maintained with normal dental hygiene habits including regular brushing & flossing and regular visits to the dentist (we recommend every 6 months) the implant itself can last a lifetime. Crowns which are the ceramic “tooth” portion of the implant-system subjected to wear and tear the same way a tooth would be, are rated to last 10-15 years before they may require replacement. Although, excellent dental hygiene can extend the life of a crown much longer.

This is a huge improvement over other options like dentures or bridges. Dentures are rated to last 5 years and bridges are rated to last 10-12 years. These alternative options will also not offer the patient the comfortability or natural-look that dental implants can deliver.

Dr. Perez is a prosthodontist, highly trained and experienced in dental implants and full-mouth restorations. He can discuss your specific case, options and expected results including the expected lifetime of dental implants during a no-obligation consultation at Fairway Dental.