Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, and all-inclusive surgery center at Fairway Dental, the cost of dental implants with Dr. Perez and our Fairway Dental team is much less than it was in years past. We do understand though, that the financial piece of the dental implants conversation can be a big factor for patients assessing their options and deciding to move forward with treatment.

This is why our office works closely with each patient to develop a treatment and financial plan that will facilitate them in receiving the best treatment and care possible.

We offer dental financing options that can be interest free for up to two years through Care Credit and Springstone Patient Financing. Please visit our Payment Options page to read more about these options.

A healthy mouth and beautiful, natural-looking smile pays dividends in many ways for your entire life.

Dr. Perez in Carrollton, TX is a prosthodontist, highly-trained and experienced in dental implants and full-mouth restorations. He can discuss your specific case, options and expected results including the expected lifetime of dental implants during a no-obligation consultation at Fairway Dental.